What's New?

v1.1.9 November 30, 2020

  • FIXED: Better feels like calculation

v1.1.8 November 2, 2020

  • FIXED: Wind speed is correctly adjusted and calibrated (historical data is corrected as well); wind direction is finally correct. Helps to read the damned weather vane itself...

v1.1.7 October 28, 2020

  • FIXED: [Single] Wind Speed uses new wind speed calculations

v1.1.6 October 17, 2020

  • FIXED: [Feels Like] Feels like algorithm adjusted

v1.1.5 October 9, 2020

  • FIXED: [Wind speed] Wind speed has apparently been off by a lot. I had been measuring the number of passes the anemometer made, and calculated that against the circumference it traveled, which was not correct. Digging deep into the datasheet, I found the correct rate. I was able to back-calculate the old speeds correctly, so everything you see is accurate now.

v1.1.4 October 9, 2020

  • FIXED: [Wind direction] ENE and ESE were flipped. Corrected now. Calibrating as we go.

v1.1.3 September 19, 2020

  • FIXED: [Wind direction] E & W were flipped. I still do not get paid for this.

v1.1.2 September 16, 2020

  • FIXED: Clicking the Rain card on the dashbaord takes you to the Rainfall page
  • FIXED: [Wind direction] N & S were flipped. Fixed here. E & W may still be flipped? Will verify soon. I don't get paid for this.

v1.1.1 August 14, 2020

  • Added charts to Right Now cards on Dashboard
  • FIXED: "Feels Like" temp calculation when Right Now autorefreshes
  • Standardized covnersion functions and methods so everything is calculated the same way
  • FIXED: calculation of wind speed change on Right Now
  • Cleaned up the charts a little
  • FIXED: Last 12 Hours range works correctly now

v1.1.0 August 13, 2020

  • Custom date ranges no longer require an end date. Selecting just a "from" date will give you all data from that day only
  • Y-axes on charts now have the units of measurement listed
  • New Storms page is available! This page automatically finds when storms have happened already and groups storm-related data into one page. View rain, lightning, wind, pressure, and more related to a storm all on one page
  • "Pressure" page now shows additional stats: min, max, and largest change
  • Dashboard and Single Datum tables have been cleaned up: columns are sized based on data, there's a series of "Column Filter" buttons to show only specific columns (great for mobile), Dashboard table now automatically updates when new data is available, values are now fixed decimals to keep values aligned better
  • "Right Now" cards on Dashboard now update automatically when new data is available
  • New domain! Access this site from 70122weather.com. Also, short links in tweets now point to this domain instead
  • Third party JavaScript libraries are now loaded locally to speed up load times
  • Useless Search bar at the top is now gone
  • Fixed contrast between text and background color on yellow cards
  • Lightning strikes are now detected! View the number of strikes and the average distance on the Dashboard and the Storms pages. The Lightning page will show more detailed information about each strike detected

v1.0.7 July 28, 2020

  • "Right Now" cards are now clickable and go to their respective pages
  • New icons on Single datum page
  • Better clarification text on Rainfall average
  • Links to before and after data on Single datum page

v1.0.6 July 23, 2020

  • Fixed translation of wind direction degrees into compass directions. Values were mirrored by mistake

v1.0.5 July 20, 2020

  • Added a Single datum page. This lets you look at details for a single 5 minute sampling period.

v1.0.4 July 16, 2020

  • Add embedded Windy.com maps on individual data type pages

v1.0.3 July 23, 2020

  • Last Rainfall on Rainfall page will now say "Today" instead of "0 days ago"